Over 50% of Total Store Revenue Attributed to Email and SMS

Home decor brand Celtic Serenity needed an extra sharp edge to bring in the wins back in BFCM 2020. What they needed was an email strategy with a solid creative direction and a more in-depth segmentation framework.

Since 2020, we helped their email and SMS attributed revenue reach a mind-blowing 51%! So, what strategies did we help Celtic Serenity implement to achieve that milestone? Read on to find out.


Celtic Serenity partnered with Chronos Agency back in November 2020. They were looking for a solid revenue-generating game plan for their email and SMS marketing systems. In less than a year of partnership with us, Celtic Serenity pulled off a major win on what was the biggest BFCM in eCommerce history.

The Strategy

Omnichannel optimization and advanced segmentation were key in Celtic Serenity’s BFCM success. They needed a strong and consistent presence across their multiple marketing channels to effectively engage with their target audience.

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Monthly Optimization of Core Flows
  • Expansion of Email List Utilization
  • Continuous A/B Testing and Optimization of Pop-up Strategies

Here’s what Celtic Serenity had to say about their time with us

The Results


Increase in email-attributed revenue


SMS subscribers gained


Pop-up list growth


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