This week, Chronos Agency is partnering with Adleaks, the world’s biggest advertising community. This partnership will bring tips and tricks of 6-figure email marketing strategies alongside the likes of top-notch 8-figure heavyweight advertising marketers. 

chronos and adleaks partnership

SINGAPORE ( November 29, Friday)— Chronos Agency has joined the Adleaks community! This platform features household names in the industry, like legendary Tim Burd, sharing their expertise in marketing and advertising. 


Daily Knowledge bombs spell Long-term Self-mastery 

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The Adleaks community provides an open platform for like-minded entrepreneurs. Here, they share their best practices and lessons, thus exposing fresh ideas and perspectives. 

One of the best features is the Knowledge Bombs which drops a wide range of topics daily! This section provides an impressive array of answers to questions you never knew you had.

How you define self-mastery determines the quality of your relationships.  Already an Adleaks member? You’ve probably seen us in their private Facebook Groups, getting into active discussions.

The professional community also offers space for authentic mentoring relationships. We believe this is another key to self-growth. This would come in handy as Chronos Agency sets its sights on expanding as a team and an email marketing agency.

Let’s just say this Chronos and AdLeaks partnership was a long time coming. The incredible insights brought home from Boston’s windy streets when Chronos founders, Joshua and Louis, attended Klaviyo’s BOS 2019 really highlighted the myriad of benefits from community-based sharing. 

So, finding our tribe in the Adleaks community was really a no-brainer! As the Chronos vision dictates, 

We carve out time and energy for self-mastery. To be the best team, we have to be our best selves, so we build time into our schedules to work on our skill sets and personal development”

— Chronos Agency Vivid Vision 2022. 


A New Herald of Thought Leadership

More heads are better than one. Definitely, more like-minds interacting and intermingling will give birth to a whole new level of thought leadership. 

According to the Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study carried out earlier this year, 

It (thought leadership) is more powerful than marketers think. B2B marketers and salespeople significantly underestimate the impact of thought leadership on demand generation and sales efforts compared to actual feedback from B2B buyers”. 

— Eldeman.

We can’t wait to hear the conversations we’ll spark with our peers in the community! This will translate into actionable insights for Chronos Agency and vice versa.

It’s also perfect timing for the new year! This includes our exciting collaboration with our new Cali-based outsourced customer experience partner and improved insights to convey with our eCommerce partners in the Adleaks community. 


Hey! I’d like to get in on this. 

Once you’ve exhausted the seemingly inexhaustible resources on the Adleak homepage, you can catch our weekly sharing on the secret Adleaks Facebook groups. You can do this by opting in for membership and tapping the thought leadership topics in Adleak’s digital marketing community.  

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