As 2019 draws to a close, it’s time to evaluate how your email marketing strategies have fared so far. Did they exceed your expectations? Or do you think you could have done something more? With less than a couple of months left, you have one last chance to boost your revenue for this year. Thankfully, the tail-end of each year is laden with eCommerce holidays, so you can make the most of your email marketing for the holidays.


Top eCommerce dates of Q4: December has 5 Major Dates!

important ecommerce dates

Here’s why Q4 (October to December) is such a big deal for eCommerce stores: there are ten days to take advantage of. For example, there were already five major eCommerce events that have come and gone:

  • October 31: Halloween gives you so many angles and ideas to spice up your usual campaigns. 
  • November 11: Veterans Day is actually a great day to announce and start building up attention for your upcoming sales.
  • November 28: Thanksgiving is an opportunity to send out last Black Friday reminders. Recently, Grey Thursday has also been a thing, so this is another thing you may want to explore. 
  • November 29: Black Friday is the THIRD largest eCommerce sales day and you won’t want to miss it! People are actually gearing up to shop—take advantage of this!
  • December 2: Cyber Monday is the biggest eCommerce shopping day, generating $7.9 billion in online sales last year. 

Hopefully, you’ve made the most out of those holidays. But in case you are still in the running towards beating your previous records, there are five more dates that you can redirect your email marketing for the holidays.

  • December 3: Bounceback Tuesday is when you give your customers another chance to purchase from you. It’s a win-win situation!
  • December 14: Green Monday/Free shipping means ten days before Christmas, so treat your customers well as they wrap up their Christmas shopping. 
  • December 24: Christmas Eve is for last-minute shoppers, especially since a lot of physical stores are closed on this day.
  • December 26: Boxing Day is when customers usually use their gift cards so there’s another gateway of opportunity!
  • January 1: New Year! No better time for clearance sales!

The 6 Steps that will Maximize Your Email Marketing for the Holidays

In 2018, eCommerce sites were able to generate a whopping $125 billion during the holiday season. In fact, the five days of Black Friday up to Cyber Monday (BFCM) saw $24.2 billion total online holiday spending. 

So why don’t you cut yourself a generous piece of that pie? Start integrating this proven 6-step email marketing sequence into your holiday marketing plans. Those results could be yours. 

Couple these six steps with proper segmentation and best sending practices, and you’ve got yourself some newsworthy numbers. We helped one of our clients put these into place and in turn, their email revenue increased by 350%.

email marketing six step sequence for the holidays

This email sequence is composed of 6 steps of 6 emails that will help you secure your spot in your customers’ inboxes, minds, and hearts during the holiday season.


Step 1: Hype it up!

Build your momentum by using hype-builders. You can do this by creating opt-ins like holiday-themed pop-ups for example. This is for those who want to receive updates on upcoming BFCM discounts, Christmas sales, and other events. Why is this effective? It will help with customer segmentation and it will also increase your open rates since these are your customers who voluntarily signed up to receive updates. 

email marketing holiday example

Create flows specifically for them and set these up way before the holidays. Continue hyping, so when the events happen, you’ve got them hooked already.


Step 2: Build your VIP list

Who’s in and who’s out? It’s up to you to set the standards of what you would classify as a VIP. Usually, some stores would base this on those who recently purchased, or those who have high overall spending.

Use the days leading up to the holidays to build your VIP List too. You can do this by offering incentives. Entice them to be VIPs so they will get bigger discounts and exclusive sales! 

email marketing example


Step 3: Do a priority launch

Give your VIPs the treat they deserve! There are two things to remember here. First, roll out your invitations to your VIP list even before you send out announcements to the rest of your list. Next, set up an early launch exclusive for VIPs. You can angle it like ‘Finish Your Christmas Shopping Before Everybody Else!”


Step 4: All hands on deck for your main launch!

This is what you’ve been gearing up for all along! Consolidate the best of the best results of your AB Campaigns the past year and start doing more of them. You can also set up separate promos for your best sellers or for each category. Be creative while taking into account the results of your AB tests. One thing you have to remember—do NOT do any more AB Tests during this season. Reap the benefits of your past AB tests!


Step 5: Send social reminders

Did you know that 63% of customers are more likely to buy from a site if it has a lot of reviews and product ratings? Plus, customers tend to read an average of ten online reviews first before feeling secure enough to trust the store.

Sending social proof is a step you should never skip. Your email marketing for the holidays should include those reviews, stories, or even a refresher of your brand story. Use these to remind your customers that the sales period is ending. Basically, entice them, even more, to buy NOW.

Check out some of these examples:

social reminder example

Other social reminders you can send are customer testimonials, customer or usage numbers, awards, recognitions, product reviews, and press mentions if any. 


Step 6: Close your sales with a bang

Go out with virtual fireworks. On the last day of your sale, emphasize that it’s ending in a few hours. Play on urgency and timing, and how your customers should not wait any longer. Use your graphics and your content to make this message come across.


There you have it—six steps and six emails to maximize your holiday sales! Plan it out and implement with the best email marketing practices to get a holiday revenue you’ll never forget. 

Here’s a bonus tip: hold a bounce-back sale! Why? People love second chances. Get more sales by giving your customers one last chance to buy from you? You can do this a day after your closing campaigns. Customers will love it, so it’s a win-win situation.

Use this proven email sequence and watch the numbers go up on your open rates, click-throughs, and revenue. If you need help wrapping your brain around this strategy, let us know by booking a strategy call with us.

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