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How to Fix Your SMS Marketing

Are you feeling like your current SMS marketing model isn’t living up to its full potential? SMS is a powerful direct marketing tool and here’s how you use it to scale your brand.

6 Holiday Promotional Email Tips to Boost Your Sales

While it’s important to make sure your emails are optimized to make the most sales over the holidays, don’t forget to add in a healthy level of creativity to really make them stand out from the rest. 

So, here are a couple of tips to level up your holiday promotional emails to get your customers excited and in the buying mood for all the holiday sales.

3 Creative Ways to Leverage SMS Marketing for Your BFCM Game Plan

SMS marketing has its reach and engagement advantages. However, when you try putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, you can only imagine how overwhelming it can get when your inbox fills up with a bunch of promotional messages from all the brands you’ve opted into. At some point, you’re going to feel like opting out […]

5 Explosive Fourth of July Email Marketing Strategies for Your eCommerce Brand

The fourth of July is just around the corner. For Americans, this holiday is always looked forward to—more so this year as COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out. For eCommerce businesses, the fourth of July usually means a holiday sale or a special promo. People are ready to spend! With a surefire fourth of July […]

5 Fathers’ Day Email Marketing Must-Have and Revenue-Generating Strategies

In less than a couple of weeks, Fathers’ Day will be here. Aside from being the only day in a year dedicated to celebrating dads, it’s also an opportunity for eCommerce stores to ramp up their revenue. With effective Fathers’ Day email marketing strategies this year, your business will increase sales and strengthen customer relationships […]