Make 30% More Revenue in 3 Months with Email Marketing

Capture and convert with the high personalization, versatility, and data-driven strategies of email marketing

Is Your Email Marketing Underperforming?

Your emails should be generating 30% of your store’s overall revenue.

There are many factors that could stand in your way to reaching that benchmark. What’s worse are the issues basic email system setups would have that remain unseen to the untrained eye.

Poor deliverability

are your emails landing in your subscribers’ inboxes?

Haphazard email designs

do your emails visually capture and engage your subscribers?

Unoptimized flows

are you setting up and prioritizing the right flows?

Lack of branding consistency

do your customers see your brand through your emails?

Lack of segmentation

are you sending your emails to the right people?

Email marketing is more than just sending promotional messages and then forgetting about them.

It’s a carefully planned and meticulously handcrafted marketing tool that can become a major profit driver for your DTC store.

Profit-driven email marketing requires a dedicated team of customer lifecycle marketing experts who can decipher customer data and translate it into actionable email strategies.

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What We Can Do for You:

Detailed store audit

Are you not sure where to start? We’ll dive into your DTC store’s email marketing systems and zero in on the cracks, wrinkles, and leaks to come up with a detailed road map with what you need to finally kick your brand’s growth into high gear.

Advanced email list segmentation

Make your emails target more specific customers by having our team set up more advanced customer behavior-centric segments.

This way, you can focus your promotional emails, upsells, cross-sells, and customer engagement emails on the right lists.

Fully custom email content and creatives

Templates can only get you so far. Capture your target audience with relevant and eye-catching email content and creatives that convey the purest form of your brand’s mission and vision.

Automation trigger optimization

We’ll help you meet your customers’ needs wherever they are in the buyer’s journey by identifying all possible triggers and behaviors of your target audience—ultimately maximizing your background revenue generation while you focus on other store operations.

Flow optimization

What flows should you have? Andwhich flows should you prioritize?

Our team will help you set up theessential flows and help you identify and optimize your high-profit flows.

Continuous and rigorous A/B testing

For super important sales events, you should only use the best of the best of your email marketing strategies.

This is why we want your emails to be better than the best by putting them through continuous A/B testing for you. This is part of creating the fully brand-tailored emails that your target audience WANTS to open.

Brand-tailored emails

Do your emails feel detached from your brand? Create a solid branding strategy by having our creatives team align your email design with your branding standards.

Customer data analysis

Create dynamic email marketing strategies by letting us interpret your customer data and craft customer-centric tactics you can leverage for maximized customer engagement and conversion.

Metrics tracking

Yes, we’ll even babysit your metrics for you. Our team will track all the important numbers and keep you in the loop of your email marketing performance.

Content calendar planning

We won’t just focus on your current needs. Set up your email marketing to run at its best for years to come.

Our team will help you craft and regularly optimize a content calendar tailored to your DTC store and your target market’s preferences.

Regular easy-to-digest reports and alignment meetings

100% transparency is what we believe in. We’ll keep you in the loop by delivering regular reports of all our operations concerning your email marketing.

In the end, we aim to give you full ownership of your email marketing.

You're probably wondering—does all this even work?
The proof is in the numbers and in the clients we've helped over the years…

Leave email to the experts so you can grow your business!

The bottom line is that we want your DTC store to stand out and grow into the next big success story in the eCommerce space.

We want you to unlock the brand-growing power of your emails so you can set your DTC up for sustainable long-term success. Our drive for success is you reaching your success.

Unlock my email's profit potential!

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