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Explore a sustainable and reliable revenue channel with eCommerce email marketing.
Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it’s far from it. For every dollar spent, email marketing generates $44 in return on investment (ROI). That’s not good, it’s fantastic and that’s not just the best part. With eCommerce email marketing automation, set-and-go drip campaigns allow your email campaigns to do their magic by targeting your customers with the right message at the right time.
How? Know your customers, but better. Instead we’ll call it, prime your audience. As part of our process, Chronos will help you set your record straight by diving into your existing database to target and segment your audience. You’ll not only know their preferences and which stage they are of their buyer’s journey, but you’ll also be able to gain value-driven behavioral cues such as purchase activity, cart abandonment, engagement and more.
Taking care of one less marketing strategy means you’re left with more time to focus on the bigger aspects of your business. We’ve generated up to $12.5 million in email revenue to date. Read our case studies here. Real numbers, real clients!
As an effective go-to eCommerce marketing strategy, the new generation of emails have evolved into an elegant solution for eCommerce businesses. On average, consumers receive about 90 emails every day! That’s a lot of background noise. Therefore, it’s important for your eCommerce marketing strategy that you deploy unique emails to your optimized email lists.
Not sure how to choose an email marketing agency for your eCommerce business? Chronos is a data-driven eCommerce email marketing agency that knows the ins-and-outs of connecting consumers with your brand and maintaining trust with your loyal customers.

Aside from our services, here’s what you should know about what we do best:

Across the (marketing funnel) Universe

Ecommerce marketing is about staying in the minds of your consumers. We’ll do that by setting up personalized emails to nurture and guide your customers along your sales funnel. It’s an effective way of staying in touch with your customers and getting them to come back for more!

Email Automation Lifecycle

Take it up a notch and explore the 7 advanced automation flows we offer. From purchase confirmation and abandoned cart reminders, to thank you notes, new product releases, brand updates, we’ll help you deliver these straight into your customer’s inbox!

Audience Segmentation

Chronos will equip your brand with the necessary customer insights to drive conversions and engagements to keep your customers coming back. We’ll set up automated flows to nurture your leads and existing customers based on their stages in your funnel down to their interests and their interactions with your brand.

Personalization and Smart Pop-Ups

Dear [Name], You are reading this because you preferred an effective eCommerce marketing strategy over ‘spray-and-pray’ strategies. We ensure that every email is optimized to capture your audience’s attention. If it’s not now, it’ll be later. We help you grow your subscribers while keeping your conversion rates high, and your unsubscriptions low.

Inspire through User Generated Content

The most powerful form of marketing is still through word-of-mouth. Showcase your brand’s strengths. We’ll help you do this by leveraging your stellar customer testimonials, flaunting your (famous) customer base, or showcasing your awards. This is the sort of content you’ll want to deliver straight into your customer’s inbox A.S.A.P.


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