Unlock your eCommerce brand’s potential with email marketing automation

Enhance your operations and get the revenue you deserve.

Here’s what we mean by email automation:

The right flows for your business needs.

Any data that enters your database can set off a flow. We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty set up so you can get the most of every piece of information you receive. This is important because these flows will be the star of your email marketing show.

Seamlessly programmed triggers.

To ensure that your flows do their job, it’s important to pinpoint the right triggers. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to identifying possible triggers and behaviors of your target market, because this will be the foundation of effective communication.

Segmentation on a whole different level.

Automation does not mean you’re going for a less personalized approach. It’s actually the opposite. Through segmentation, you can add your personal touch without having to manually check on your emails. We’ll streamline your segments to ensure that your customers get content and emails that are relevant to them

Dynamic content for maximum personalization.

Personalized emails deliver higher conversion rates. We’ll help you make the customer journey a personal one. By using dynamic content, we make sure that your customers receive recommendations or reminders based on their recent purchasing behaviors.

Closer look at your customer data and insights.

One of the things we like doing is checking out the results of our work. We want to help you get to know your customers on a deeper level. This does not only pertain to knowing what the best sellers are, but also what the best time to send emails is. Every new information we have on your customers we apply to our ongoing workflows.

Solid set up with room for flexibility.

We follow strict guidelines and standards when it comes to setting up flows and campaigns. However, we believe that email marketing automation is not a simple ‘set it and forget it’ tool. Instead, we believe in being flexible and being able to adjust accordingly depending on the data generated in order to maximize your profit.

Email marketing automation will give your business
the right push in the right direction.

Here are 3 concrete reasons why:
Increase in Transactions image

Increase in transactions

Transactional emails like order confirmations or digital receipts generate more revenue. That’s why marketers often use these to encourage additional purchases.

Additionally, these emails also define your customers’ post-purchase experience. With email marketing automation, accomplish more transactions in less time.
Increase in Revenue image

Increase in revenue

Triggered campaigns can contribute to as much as 75% of total email revenue.

Brands that started using segmented campaigns also observed a 760% increase in revenue.

You can also experience these numbers. How? We will help you create automated email workflows and campaigns so you can continue sending relevant emails that will actually convert.

Healthier Customer Relationships image

Healthier customer relationships

Getting new customers is only the beginning. Retaining them is a completely different story.

With returning customers driving more revenue than new ones, it is only right to keep them satisfied and contented. With top-notch segmentation and personalization, you won’t just rake in sales continuously—you’ll also be building a loyal tribe.


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