The beginning of a new decade brings the beginning of a long-awaited partnership. On January 2, SMSBump officially announced this exciting new partnership with Chronos Agency on its website. To celebrate this collaboration between SMS and Email marketing, Mike Stoychev (CEO of SMSBump) joined Joshua Chin (Chronos Agency’s CEO and co-founder) in releasing a special lunch and learning video titled, Our $831k week: How to replicate this success with Email and SMS this Valentine’s Day

What was set to be a 30-minute session spilled over to an enthusiastic conversation on how these two marketing channels complement each other for eCommerce businesses.

Released on Wednesday, January 8, Mike and Josh spoke about replicating their Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2019 success for the upcoming Valentine’s Day using both email and SMS marketing.


You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds with Email and SMS Marketing


SMS is like a billboard everyone will see — Mike Stoychev, CEO and co-founder of SMSBump


Josh and Mike clarified that both email marketing and SMS marketing have their differences. When executed and timed correctly, they will prove to be an advantage, especially when fine-tuning your customer journey experience. 

Email marketing is good for conveying a brand image and communicating more complex information. Meanwhile, SMS marketing is the way to go to get a quick message across and drive instant action. 

Both email marketing and SMS marketing share a great advantage compared to other marketing mediums—automation! Automation is a useful tool for marketers and business owners alike. Why? Well, segmenting, tracking, analyzing and perfecting your overall marketing strategy can help you take on a hands-off and dynamic approach. Aside from this, your time will also free up so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Nonetheless, email marketing and SMS marketing are not in a race to see who comes out on top. Instead,  they complement each other. As Josh mentioned, 


You’re getting in touch with your customers on not just one channel but two potential channels… they might miss out on email but they will definitely not miss out on SMS — Josh Chin, CEO of Chronos Agency. 


Same, but Different: Email and SMS Key Differences

One imperative point that both CEOs were quick to point out was to keep your email lists separate from your SMS list. Although your punchy marketing strategy involving both SMS and email is designed seamlessly under one brand, consent for each channel is mutually exclusive. 

Just because someone is on the email marketing bandwagon, it doesn’t mean they are automatically signed up for SMS marketing as well.


Dont assume that once your customers are signed up for email marketing, that they are also signed up for sms marketing—which is a very common mistake. — Mike Stoychev, SMSBump. 


This video is merely just the tip of the iceberg. There are limitless possibilities that Chronos and SMSBump can achieve together. This will be the year where email marketing and SMS break boundaries and expectations as owned marketing takes center stage in 2020

Josh and Mike divulged how to understand your customers’ preferences. With this, you can map out the most personalized strategy for your brand. You can leverage the key advantages of email and SMS marketing across specific touchpoints of your customer journey.

Pull out your trump card this Valentine’s Day with email and SMS! By doing so, you’ll be able to replicate the highest converting strategy that enabled our BFCM 2019 success last year. Better yet, the strategy that Mike and Josh covered is going to be useful for any holiday campaign. You know what that means! It will be useful now while we’re still early in 2020!

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