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Simple Painting

146% Email Attribution Increase in Just 4 Months!​

Simple Painting is a dropshipping company that focuses on selling unique paint-by-numbers paintings. This more relaxing practice of art provides an almost therapeutic painting experience where customers can relieve their stress and anxiety through casual painting.

It was Simple Painting’s first time diving into email and SMS marketing, giving Chronos Agency an open canvas to help their client paint up an engaging and highly profitable customer experience.

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Email attributed revenue​


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ROI on SMS marketing​

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Simple Painting partnered with us back in July 2021 to help them set up their email and SMS marketing frameworks.


With nothing more than previously set up paid media ads, it was up to us to leverage those ads and grow their subscriber base from the web traffic they gained so far—ultimately getting their email and SMS to generate their desired RO

The Strategy​

Our team’s strategy for Simple Painting involved focusing on their brand’s value proposition and thinking outside the box. This way, we helped our client engage with their customers with solid email content that accurately hit their pain points.


Here’s a super brief rundown of our tactics:


  • Focus on One Strong Value Proposition
  • Strengthen the Core Flows
  • Optimize Marketing Efforts


Here’s what Simple Painting had to say about their time with us

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