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3 Best eCommerce Email Marketing Design Practices

Marketing your products is all about getting two things right. Those are (1)highlighting customer benefits and (2)doing it in a way that catches customer attention. The former touches on copy content, while the latter on design. It is the smart balance of the two that captures and engages your customer base. In this topic, we’ll […]

Everything You Need to Know About 8-Figure Email Marketing Systems

Have you ever wondered what 8-9 figure eCommerce stores do differently? Or how come there are stores that have generated 8 figures in email revenue consistently? Over the last two to three years, of working with hundreds of eCommerce stores, the formula for 8-figure email systems is finally here. With Q1 almost coming to an […]

Top 4 Essentials for eCommerce Success with Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to prove its power in both revenue generation and audience engagement. However, one question you must be asking is what exactly are the core essentials that make email marketing a true staple for 8-9 figure stores. What does it take to achieve eCommerce success with email marketing? Integrate, study, and optimize the […]

Jumpstart Your Year with the Top 4 Projected eCommerce Trends of 2021

JANUARY 19, 2021, Tuesday— Steve Tan of the eCommerce Facebook group Elites, which has an impressive following of over 100,000 engaged members within the eCommerce industry, invited Josh, CEO and co-founder of Chronos Agency to a high-value sit down to talk about what’s in store for 2021. Josh highlighted the top 4 eCommerce trends of […]

BFCM 2020: The Results Are In—Chronos Agency Sets New Records

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest eCommerce events that businesses look forward to every year. At Chronos Agency, we entered the battlefield geared up with our best email marketing practices—and we came out alive and on top with spectacular BFCM 2020 results. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that shook the world, this year’s BFCM […]

4 Strategies That Generated an Additional 7 Figures in Email Marketing for a Beauty Brand

Having worked together since 2018, we’ve hit a successful breakthrough with one of our longstanding clients by generating as much as 14% in additional email revenue for them. That’s 7 figures in email marketing revenue for this eCommerce beauty brand. ForChics is an eCommerce beauty brand committed to offering sustainable and cruelty-free products for women […]

Crush BFCM 2020 with These 7 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas

Q4 is finally here! BFCM is knocking on our doors, and online consumers will be flooding in at biblical proportions! With this year’s BFCM projected to be the biggest one yet, you can’t afford to lag behind the competition. To help you get your bearings straight and take the lead, here are some holiday marketing […]