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6-Step eCommerce Sales Framework to Explode Sales for an Event or Holiday

Joshua ChinJoshua Chin is the CEO & Co-founder of Chronos Agency, a data-driven email marketing agency that helps eCommerce brands unlock their optimum customer lifetime value. At Chronos Agency, Joshua and his team of passionate experts provide managed email marketing services and consultancy to 6- to 8-figure online retailers. They have helped hundreds of brands generate over $70 million in returns from email alone, and their clients receive an average of 3500% ROI from their efforts.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Joshua Chin helped Rossi Nails grow its brand to eight figures through email marketing
  • The six-step framework for generating attention, maintaining that attention, and turning it into revenue
  • How to implement Joshua’s framework for explosive sales during your next holiday or event campaign
  • What many ecommerce brands do wrong during holiday email campaigns
  • The 80-20 rule for email marketing

In this episode…

How can you generate a ton of sales for your ecommerce store? Many ecommerce brands struggle to convert cold traffic into loyal customers. The solution: create a strategy to onboard and nurture your leads in order to unlock each customer’s lifetime value.

One such strategy is building an extensive email list. However, it can often become overwhelming for e-commerce brands to maximize revenue from their audience, even during important events or holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Because of this, Joshua Chin has created a six-step framework to help brands generate explosive sales during their event or holiday email campaigns. Want to know more?

Listen to this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast with host Joshua Chin, the CEO and Co-founder of Chronos Agency, as he reveals his six-step framework for explosive ecommerce sales. Joshua is joined by Dr. Jeremy Weiz from Rise25 to talk about the different steps of this framework, how to implement it to drive sales, and his 80-20 approach to email marketing. Stay tuned.

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This episode is brought to you by Chronos Agency.

If you are a direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand that wants to unlock the optimum customer lifetime value through email marketing, then look no further than Chronos Agency!

Our team of passionate email marketing experts have helped hundreds of brands generate over $70 million in return from email alone, and our clients receive an average of 3500% ROI from our efforts.

Chronos Agency has worked with a variety of brands, including Truly Beauty, Alya Skin, and many more. Our mission is to help real businesses achieve real results. 

If you want to take your revenue to the next level using email marketing, be sure to email our team at sales@chronos.agency or visit chronos.agency to learn more.

Episode Transcript

Intro 0:04

Welcome to the eCommerce Profits Podcast, where we feature top founders and experts in the e commerce industry and take an in depth look at their struggles and successes in growing eCommerce brands profitably.

Joshua Chin 0:21

Hey, guys, Josh Chin here, I’m the host of the eCommerce Profits Podcast where we feature top experts in the e commerce industry. And we go behind the scenes of the struggles and successes in growing a brand. I have Dr. Jeremy Weisz here of Rise25, who has done thousands of interviews with successful entrepreneurs and leaders in eCommerce. And we have flipped the script. And he will be interviewing me,

Jeremy Weisz 0:47

Josh, I appreciate it. And you know, today’s topic, which is always a good one, how do you make tons of sales for your ecommerce store? Right? And you have an actual methodology, a six step process you’re going to walk through. But before we get into that, and some real world examples, and even real world emails, which I’m surprised you’re even willing to share? Actually, no, I’m just kidding. But this episode is brought to you so stay tuned for those. This episode is brought to you by Chronos Agency. So if you’re a direct to consumer eCommerce brand that’s ready for next level growth. Not everyone is but if you do want to grow and and you know he helps people unlock the optimum customer lifetime value through email marketing. Chronos is your company they’ve helped hundreds of brands get over $70 million in return from email alone, and their clients get an average of 3500% ROI from their efforts. I thought he added a zero but no, that is correct. It’s 3500%. And they’ve worked with Truly Beauty Ally Skin and many more. And for some reason, Josh, I don’t know maybe you could explain him why beauty brands and apparel brands are attracted to you and your company. It could be because you get great results. So the next step if you have questions to email their team sales@chronos.agency, or you can go to Chronos.Agency to learn more, Josh, so we’re going to talk about the six step strategy for more sales. But um, we were just talking before we hit record about Rossi Nails. Talk a little bit about what Rossi Nails does, and what did you do for them?

Joshua Chin 2:18

Absolutely. So they serve Rossi Nails, they sell nail polishes, gel polishes and, and pretty much nail like nail assessories it’s it’s a it’s a super high SKU type of product, where you have different varieties of nail polishes and, and different variants of and different colors and stuff. So it’s a super interesting brand. And it comes in the time, especially in the pandemic, where people are kind of just cooped up at home, they don’t have, you know, typical access to go to a, you know, to get their manicure or pedicure. That’s where, you know, that’s when they blew up. And we actually started working together since late 20, I believe, late 2017 and early 2018. That was when we first started working together. So we have been partnering for a long time. Now as a, you know, as a client agency type relationship, we actually started out as a seven figure brand. And today they’re, they’ve grown much more significantly since then they’re an eight figure brand today. And email plays a big part in that process, because email generates a ton of back end profits for the brand that allows them to acquire customers at pretty much break even or even at slight loss. Because they know that we’re able to generate that, that long term value that that basically creates a massive value in the back end for the customers that they’ve paid money to acquire for. And it’s been an interesting journey, and especially this year in Black Friday, Cyber Monday. And we

Jeremy Weisz 4:07

Yeah, I mean, here’s the big thing, Josh, you know, a brand, if you can spend more money acquiring a customer, you win, right. And if you have a back end system that’s going to nurture the people, you know, you put them in the sequence, if there’s no sequence or no way to to build that relationship and nurture them, then people just fall through the cracks. But if you have this whole system that’s going to continuously build their relationship and nurture, they can feel comfortable spending more money because they know on the other end, people are gonna start buying stuff, right.

Joshua Chin 4:42


Jeremy Weisz 4:43

So dig into your six step holiday email strategy and this holiday, you know, there’s holidays every month, right? I mean, holiday doesn’t mean you have to mean Christmas or New Year’s. It can mean my mother’s day, Father’s Day. It could be Valentine’s Day. I mean, there’s a If you look at the calendar, you can there’s so many houses don’t even realize we’re out there, Josh, like, Oh, do you want to do national secretaries day? I mean, there’s a million out there, look at the calendar, you could probably implement this, this whatever month it is. So anyways, let me

Joshua Chin 5:15

say that again. And Jeremy, the thing is, this works just as well, if you’re launching a new product, and you’re trying to build anticipation and hype around that launch, this framework works extremely, extremely well. And we’ve done this countless of times for product launches and sales events. And it’s just a timeless principle. Now, Jeremy, I think you know, this as well, when you build such a, you know, a list over time, at such a large scale, it often gets overwhelming as to what what can you do to maximize revenue from your audience that you’ve already paid money for? When you know, key events like Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Comm. So what we’ve done is we’ve created a framework around generating attention, maintaining that attention, and then allowing the that attention to turn into revenue. Using a very simple six step process, we start things off by building hype, and then building a list of self opt in and VIP customers and subscribers. And then we launch our sale, or product launch first to those people who have self opted in. And then the main launch goes to the rest of the list. And then we go through a process of putting out user generated content, testimonials, and social reminders. And then we close the sale. So that’s kind of the six step process. We do have a couple of examples here to kind of illustrate my point. But the initial part of the sequence is really just building and generating attention as much as possible. So we have emails that have CTA buttons that says, add to wish list. And it really just creates anticipation it builds it helps you build a list of people who have kind of raised their hands and say, hey, yeah, add me to make sure that I’m informed. And then it just creates a good opportunity to build a priority list. And it Prime’s the list for lunch. And we also use a different, a slightly different approach to the CTA. We’re in it, it says add to calendar. So there is no call to action, no call to sale. In these emails. It’s literally just add to calendar. It links people to a calendar invite that they just click on Save, and it’s automatically saved in your calendar. What this does is it brings that attention away from their inbox to where they live on the most their calendars if

Jeremy Weisz 7:49

you’re working. I don’t know if I’ve seen anyone do that before.

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