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Why Email and SMS Marketing Work

Ecommerce businesses can face challenges when trying to effectively reach their target audience. Social media can be unpredictable, while over-reliance on paid ads can dramatically push up customer acquisition costs.  Imagine having a direct line to your customers, ensuring your messages are seen and acted upon, all without having to spend significantly more.  Email and […]

5 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Lifecycle Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

For many ecommerce brands, paid media has long been the go-to strategy for boosting traffic and sales. However, as customer behaviors evolve, more ecommerce store owners are embracing a sustainable marketing approach. Enter lifecycle marketing. Lifecycle marketing is a data-driven strategy that guides customers through various stages of their buying journey, offering tailored messages and […]

Top 5 Email Subject Line Best Practices +FREE DOWNLOAD

Are your email subject lines generating the open rates you need? Your subject lines should have these five qualities to capture and convert your recipients!   What gets people to open your emails? Is it your hard-to-resist offer? Your amazing products, perhaps? How about we take a step back—what’s the first thing your target recipients […]

How Pop-ups Annoy Your Customers – And 5 Ways To Fix Them

Is your eCommerce store’s website seeing a high flow of online traffic…but your conversion rates are still low? Seeing people visit your website is one thing, but if they aren’t converting into anything beyond being visitors, then that’s a bunch of lost conversion opportunities for your store.  You might need to fix your pop-ups.  You’ve […]

8 Best Practices for Killer Email Newsletters in 2023

UPDATED, 20 FEB 2023—With ad spend on the rise this 2023, the top priority objective in the eCommerce space is to accomplish more with less. In other words, make more money with less expenses. No matter how expensive digital marketing gets, email marketing will always have your back. It boasts generously high ROI for little […]

How to Fix Your SMS Marketing

Are you feeling like your current SMS marketing model isn’t living up to its full potential? SMS is a powerful direct marketing tool and here’s how you use it to scale your brand.