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The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Email Marketing

As a profit driver, emails have the power to generate 30% of your DTC store’s overall revenue. Check out our ultimate guide to making sure your email marketing strategies yield great results!

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Email Design

The humble email has come a long way from its most basic purpose as just a means of communication. Even today, it still serves that purpose with best email design practices and flying colors—literally. What does this mean? Well, email has become more than just electronic mail. Ever since marketers started using emails for marketing, […]

Best Copywriting Examples in Email Marketing

Now, as powerful as email marketing is as a marketing tool, we cannot ignore the fact that its success doesn’t come solely from the products or the special deals your eCommerce brand offers to your customers. Copywriting also plays a big part. Here’s a scenario— You’re walking through a department store looking for a new […]