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7 Advantages of Using Eco-friendly Packaging

In light of the rapidly deteriorating plastic pollution in the world today, many eCommerce brands are making the deliberate switch to environmentally friendly packaging. The eco-friendly packaging has proven useful in helping our environment stay clean and healthy.  Due to the numerous benefits it offers, environmental-conscious customers are ensuring that the brands they patronize are […]

6 Best Practices to Improve the Conversion Rates of Your Email Pop-ups

Growing your list with email pop-ups but can’t seem to get the results you want? We know the feeling. Pop-ups can easily interrupt your visitors’ browsing experience if you don’t do them right. It could also stop you from building a strong list. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best pop-up practices […]

7 Ways Your Brand Can Be More Sustainable

Sustainable branding is important. With Millennials and Gen Z entering the workforce (and subsequently, their spending power is increasing), the standard for brands is being raised. With stores going online, today’s shoppers have a lot more options (and a lot more requirements) for the stores they’re going to shop at. With the vast options for […]

How the iOS 15 Update Would Impact Your eCommerce Marketing

Another challenge is looming on the horizon for eCommerce marketers around the interwebs! Apple is planning to release their latest update, the iOS 15. With it will come a handful of features that will shake the very foundations of eCommerce marketing—especially in the email marketing spectrum.   What Exactly is the iOS 15 Email Privacy […]

How to Boost Your Ad Conversions and Retention Power with Ad Automation

Traditionally, a successful advertising program takes time to build. However, with ad automation, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Advertising automation can help eCommerce advertisers easily manage ad campaigns that are successful at engaging their audience. This would lead to an increase in your advertising conversions and customer retention—ultimately helping eCommerce businesses scale […]

Jumpstart Your Year with the Top 4 Projected eCommerce Trends of 2021

JANUARY 19, 2021, Tuesday— Steve Tan of the eCommerce Facebook group Elites, which has an impressive following of over 100,000 engaged members within the eCommerce industry, invited Josh, CEO and co-founder of Chronos Agency to a high-value sit down to talk about what’s in store for 2021. Josh highlighted the top 4 eCommerce trends of […]

4-Pronged Multichannel Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Ecommerce Store in 2020

Multichannel marketing is a worthwhile strategy for eCommerce stores that are looking to grow this 2020. This article will explore the deep wells of multichannel marketing and give you concrete actionables on how you can launch your very own multichannel marketing plan. We’ll also touch lightly on the four channels you need to focus on […]

[Press Release] Conversion Mastermind Live with Justin Christianson and Joshua Chin

Justin Christianson (Conversion Fanatics Co-Founder and President) and Josh Chin (Chronos Agency Co-Founder and CEO) struck a conversation about what really matters when it comes to conversion rates. Listen in on their knowledge bombs as you gain further insight into what eCommerce conversion optimization truly is. You can watch the full video of the Conversion Mastermind […]