Chronos Agency’s first-ever webinar hosted by its very own co-founder and CEO—Joshua Chin. The holiday season is a big opportunity to maximize sales.

SINGAPORE (November 5, 2019)—Batten down the hatches! It’s time to prepare for the upcoming holiday sales madness with some much-needed eCommerce email marketing holiday strategies!

Are you ready for the upcoming big holiday sales season?

During the webinar, Josh shared key advice and laid down the step-by-step process of planning out your eCommerce marketing strategy.

Packed with attendees ready to soak up as much brain juice as they can, this webinar proved most fruitful to the eCommerce entrepreneur who’s looking to stand out during the great sale battle ahead.

Josh covered all the major eCommerce holidays from October all the way to New Year’s but focused on the 4 key holidays. He emphasized the many lucrative opportunities available to eCommerce businesses during this time period. 

Josh jumped straight into the 6-step Sales Sequence eCommerce for marketers and entrepreneurs tuning in. This was the 6-step blitzkrieg that would ensure the effective execution of their holiday email marketing strategy to reap the maximum revenue from the holiday season!


Now is the Time to Plan Your Attack!

Among the many events taking place this Q4, there are two that stand out as every business’ best marketing opportunities. These two events are Black Friday—the 3rd largest sales day of the year—and Cyber Monday—THE biggest shopping day of the year for eCommerce.

Q4 is the best time for you to cash in on all the hard work you’ve put in for the first three quarters of the year.

As excited as everyone is to take advantage of these events, it’s always best to approach these opportunities with a cool and sound mind.

Inspired by our partner agency—Klaviyo—Josh shared his 3-step Holiday Attack Plan which can help you cover all your bases.

First, you must plan and plan ahead by outlining your goals, your approach in achieving your goals, determining your target audience, and finally organizing your segments.

Second, create a checklist for you to come up with a clear way to communicate your plan and the processes behind your plan with your team.

And third, you roll out and execute your marketing strategy. This is where Josh’s 6-Step Sales Sequence came into play.

This is something that’s really versatile. You can use this in any sales event, any product launch. It’s just an idea that you can modify and mold to your business

The sales sequence essentially involves the following steps:

  1. Build Up the Hype
  2. Create Your Priority List
  3. Execute Your Priority Launch
  4. Follow with Your Main Launch
  5. Acknowledge Social Reminders
  6. End with a Bang when Closing Sales

As Josh mentioned, these steps can be applied to any event strategy. It’s basically a clear outline for you to know what to do and when to do it.

Along the way, Josh himself demonstrated how to create a sign-up form using Klaviyo’s handy and easy-to-use form creation software.

Josh stressed the idea of creating different emails for the sake of A/B testing. Narrow down your designs and content to the one email that performs the best and generates the most conversions.

The webinar then reaches its end with Josh sharing some noteworthy email marketing holiday trends in 2018 that is still relevant this 2019. Namely—

  1. Holiday Gift Guides
  2. Winback Emails
  3. Holiday-centric Themes and Imagery
  4. Mobile-friendly content

You’ve got all the tools you need to achieve your goals. All you have to do now is learn how to use them effectively.

Learning is only half the battle! It all boils down to your wit and cunning to really make the most out of your eCommerce email marketing strategies during the upcoming holiday sales madness, especially with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

As he always says, “onwards and upwards to Q4!”. 

Josh will next be featured on the main stage at this year’s Affiliate World Conferences happening on the 4th to 5th December in Bangkok, Thailand.

Stay tuned for that at the Affiliate World Conference eCommerce Lab.

It’ll be an exciting event of hyper-focused speeches curated from the thought leaders and highest performers within the eCommerce industry.

Josh is set to hash it out on the main stage on day 2 with “How to Take Control of the Holidays with my Six-Step Email Marketing Sales Sequence.”


Did you miss this podcast? Don’t worry about it! Watch the play-by-play below:

Create EPIC Holiday Email Strategies that Convert Webinar Video