The first quarter of 2020 is just about to wrap up. This means it’s time to get roaring for your Q2 campaigns. Of course, this entails a lot of creative juices as you plan out your eCommerce strategy for the second quarter of the year. So get your calendars ready and mark the important Q2 eCommerce dates and holidays that your business should take advantage of. 

It’s crucial to remember that you should not go overboard by building campaigns for all eCommerce holidays. Try to assess if the holiday fits your brand. Of course, some holidays may not necessarily be relevant to you. However, consumers would always expect some form of deal or special sale during these noteworthy holidays— don’t miss out on doing something special for your customers! 


Shifting Gears: April eCommerce dates

April Fools is the perfect kickoff for Q2! Why? Because it’s fun, it’s quirky, and it’s a great opportunity to stand out. And why not ride the “quarantine shopping” wave? With many countries on lockdown worldwide, many shoppers eagerly anticipate to snap up some great deals from the safety of their homes. It’s prime time to ramp up your attractive discounts! 

You can use this day to show your crazy side while also still promoting an actual discount or offer. But it’s important to draw the line! Check out our blog on the Do’s and Don’ts for April Fools.

National Pet Day is also one of the major holidays for April. In the US alone, there are 85 million families who own a pet. Ecommerce brands that sell pet stuff will surely reap the benefits if they time their campaigns right for this holiday.


It’s Party Time: May eCommerce dates

May is actually pretty fun in terms of celebrations. It starts off with Star Wars Day (May 4) which is a jackpot holiday for any eCommerce brand selling relevant products. May is also when Mother’s Day is—and you all know how huge this holiday is. A lot of eCommerce brands launch Mother’s Day campaigns and promos, offering gift guides, special discounts, and even freebies.

Summer Loving: June eCommerce dates

The month of June is another very busy season for giving gifts. This means that online users are already planning to buy presents. Why? Aside from Father’s Day, Best Friend Day, and National Children’s Day, June is a pretty popular month for weddings too.

Check out this complete calendar for Q2 eCommerce dates. Feel free to download it and use it as a guide!

Infographic highlighting the different important events for your eCommerce planning

Remember, each holiday or big event is a great opportunity to further build your brand and generate revenue. Refer to this eCommerce event calendar and use these dates to your advantage and integrate them into your overall marketing strategy. And in case you missed it, here’s our tested and proven email sequence that is applicable for ANY holiday at all. 

Plan early and mark your calendars! That way, you can best strategize how to work them to your advantage. Still at a loss for ideas for specific events? Talk to one of our email marketing experts for a FREE strategy session!