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6 Holiday Promotional Email Tips to Boost Your Sales

UPDATED, 25 NOV 2021—There’s a reason why business owners look forward to the holidays—it’s the season of shopping! That means more sales and more revenue. So it’s only normal to go all out on your holiday promotional emails. Plus, you can seize this opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level and level up your brand’s presence.

While it’s important to make sure your emails are optimized to make the most sales, don’t forget to add in a healthy level of creativity to really make them stand out from the rest.  So, here are a couple of tips to level up your holiday promotional emails to get your customers excited and in the buying mood for the holiday sales.


1. Weigh in on Holiday-themed Emails

If you want to strike a chord with your customers as human beings, stick to the themes of the holiday season.

For Halloween, humorously playing with darker concepts is the way to go. For Christmas, generosity, humanity, family, and giving back are some overlying themes that come to mind.

Basically, each holiday has its own themes and connotations. So think of emails not just as ads for selling products, but as your gateway to showing who you are as a company. When done right, these are great tools to build brand loyalty.

Here’s a great example from the brand ForChics. They put just enough holiday spirit into their email while still remaining on-brand. The confetti in the background along with a reference to a classic jolly saying to their headline makes this a fun and engaging email that’s sure to catch your subscribers’ attention.

Sample Holiday-themed email from Forchics

2. Use Humor and Wit to Win

The holidays are a time to be playful! Sneak some pop culture references and clever wordplay into your emails to engage with your customers and get them hyped for the holiday sales.

Here’s a fun example from Wyvern’s Hoard, a fantasy-themed jewelry brand. Can you guess what they’re referencing in their email header?

The best part about this email is they’re not really selling anything here. This is a good example of a content email that’s meant to engage with your customer at a deeper level—growing your relationship with them as a result.

After all, the holiday celebrations call for mugs of some fine alcohol, don’t you think?


3. Show How You Are Giving Back to the Community this Thanksgiving

It can be a really great move to show give your emails a much-needed human touch, albeit virtually. Show your customers that you and your staff care about your community. Demonstrate what you’re doing to give back, just like Whistlefish.

whistlefish gives back
Source: Jeff Bullas

In addition to highlighting their charity efforts, they also preview their upcoming Christmas products. Marketing campaigns can be multi-dimensional, and both sell and deepen the customer relationship at the same time.

Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, is also a great time to showcase efforts like this. You can even run a special charity-focused promotion. Again, Peet’s Coffee nailed it.

peets coffee email example

They collaborated with No Kid Hungry and donated a dollar for each pound of coffee beans sold. What a way to touch your customers emotionally!


4. Share a Gift Guide That Looks Great and Makes Sense

If you are releasing a gift guide, pick your products with care. You can even refer to Google Trends, or look at Amazon bestseller lists to get trendy gift ideas. Then, make sure to design it in a way that’s organized. If it’s hard to navigate, that defeats the purpose.

Finally, shell out for a professional design. A great gift guide helps you build brand awareness and engagement. People will share it by email or in person with their close circle of friends.

Gift Catalog Email


Pro tip: With email segmentation, you can create and deliver personalized gift guides that are relevant to each reader.


5. Incentivize giving in your holiday promotional emails

‘Tis the season to be jolly, good, and generous, so make sure your marketing efforts reflect that. It’s a great idea to help people choose your product as their gift option, by giving the shopper a little gift of their own.

If the gift itself is excellent, the email doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top. Choose a gift that aligns with your brand personality, and let your customers know by email.

Here’s an example of a gift email from Dog’s Landing where they gave a mystery gift to their customers for Easter.


6. Go big on holiday email subject lines

If you’re wondering what subject lines you can use around the holidays to boost open rates, we’ve got you covered. 

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

  • Leapfrog: Black Friday Savings without the Big Crowds! 
  • MadeWell: Your Boss Is Shopping Today Too
  • Dell: It’s Cyber Monday All Week! 
  • Herschel: Don’t miss out, it’s almost over


  • Peet’s Coffee: Last-minute gifting? We’ve got you covered.
  • JC Penney: Ho, ho, HURRY! Final hours for EXTRA 25% OFF
  • Target: Still need the kids’ holiday looks? We’ve got you.
  • Postmates: The Only Gift That Delivers!
  • Pottery Barn Kids: The BEST gift: 20% OFF anything (TODAY ONLY!)
  • UberEATS: Brr — warm up with some free hot chocolate.

If you want to win the holiday season, it’s not enough to spam promotional emails over and over. You’ll end up doing more harm to your business instead of leveraging on the holidays. Don’t forget to apply the best practices for your newsletters!

Add a personal touch, get the theme right, and blast off a social media campaign, and your holiday seasons will be very jolly indeed. Engaging with your customers at a deeper level requires an in-depth look into their preferences, needs, and pain points.

For that, you’ll need a dedicated team that can effectively and efficiently analyze your customer data and come up with data-driven strategies. With the end of the year sales just around the corner, we understand that you’ll be focusing your manpower making more sales to get that Christmas revenue.

So, why not hire an email marketing agency? Better yet, Chronos Agency is a customer lifecycle marketing agency that specializes in using email, SMS, and mobile push notifications to amplify your digital marketing efforts.

Get a boost in your holiday revenue and customer base growth by implementing our proven lifecycle strategies. Schedule a free strategy call with us and let’s see what marketing tactics will best fit your brand!



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Jeff Bullas

5 Profitable Email Newsletters to Send out this BFCM 2020

UPDATED,  08 OCT. 2020 — The major holiday sale season is upon us. Some retailers think it’s enough to run a few limited time offers with a coupon code. But will that help you win against Amazon or a much bigger and more established brand? No, you have to get a bit more creative than that. But you don’t have to start from scratch. There’s no better way to learn than looking at live examples of great email marketing campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Take heed! For Business Insider predicts that this year’s BFCM will be the biggest one yet! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat, the shift in customer buying behavior has forced consumers to take their shopping online. So you can only imagine the tsunami of online traffic once BFCM 2020 begins!

So to help gear you up for the coming storm, we’ve curated 5 of the best email marketing campaigns to run during the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. (You can also use what you learn to do promotions for the rest of the year.)


1. The Spotlight Email: Recommend Relevant Products to Expand Product Interest

80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when the offers are personalized.

Along with the highlighted product, include recommendations that may either complement the primary product or just catch your customer’s attention based on their purchase behavior so far.

Offer sales on relevant product categories, based on past purchases, carts, and more. All you have to do is create a new segment based on product categories or brands.

Here’s an example. If you have a lot of customers that buy beauty products in your store, you can create a specific audience. After that, you can target this audience with new makeup or makeup-related promos.

From here, you can send an email promoting your Black Friday sale on makeup. Take a look at this example from beauty brand Forchics.

Product Spotlight email with user-generated content (video)

You don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on animations or designed emails.

When you promote relevant products, keep it simple. Showcase product pictures, highlight the sale, and let the products sell themselves. For best design practices, you can check out this article.

Pro tip: Use a live countdown timer to demonstrate that it is a limited-time offer. Just the presence of a countdown clock can increase conversion rate by up to 400%. Sendtric is a service that lets you do this if your auto-responder doesn’t offer the functionality.


2. The Discount Billboard: Spotlight on Discounted Products or High-value bundles

Much like the recommendations section above, this time you send follow-up emails highlighting the related products to your customer’s initial one that is discounted. This is where you can slightly diverge from the type of product that your customer first bought, provided you have the incentive to entice them.

This is also how you stand apart from the rest, by the value you can offer your customers. They’ll love you for it!

For example, Sommer Ray sent this email to customers who just bought a stylish set of pants. Under the context of “shopping for new styles,” customers were enticed to buy something slightly different from what they initially bought due to the big slash in prices.

Sommer Ray example email

Savvy email marketers make sure customers don’t stop at a one-time-purchase.


3. You left something!— Emails:  Follow Up on Abandoned Cart Emails with Your Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Sometimes, the primary reason a prospective customer doesn’t buy is they find the price too high. It’s that simple. With eCommerce, it might be that they didn’t expect the total price, including shipping, taxes, fees, etc.

According to a study by Baymard Institute, the top reasons for cart abandonment during checkout are the high extra costs, being asked to create an account, and a long, arduous checkout process. If you really want to encourage your customers to purchase, make it easier for them!

The point of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to overcome this objection. You lower the price, and your potential customers no longer tell themselves, “It’s too expensive.”

So you can win-back a lot of new potential business by contacting customers who abandoned their cart. If you have a site-wide sale, it probably negates the additional costs and makes it a viable option.

Cart recovery email sample from Forchics

As you can see in this example from Forchics, cart abandonment emails don’t have to be complicated. But you should customize the copy for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. A simple text-based reminder email is usually enough to get your customers back and finish their purchase—more so if you include an incentive like a discount on their unfinished order.

If you use words like “Limited time only!” or “For the next 24 hours,” you can drive home a sense of urgency.

If the subscriber doesn’t buy now, they will regret it later. That’s the message an abandoned cart email should send. By combining it with a limited-time site-wide sale, you can get even better results.

If you don’t use marketing automation tools, you might not have access to this data. But don’t despair, in the next campaign, you won’t need data on website usage or online shopping carts.


4. Emails that keep on giving: Increase AOV With Cart Threshold Gift Campaigns

After seeing the first three options, you might think that Black Friday Cyber Monday email marketing is complicated. But this campaign doesn’t require audience segmentation like the first options. It is a straightforward tactic to increase the AOV (Average Order Value) of every customer.

This email we made for a client is a great example:

Cart Threshold Gift sample email

If your customers made a huge purchase in one go, why not reward them? This email can be triggered when your customers’ total cart value has reached a specified threshold. In this example, customers who reached the threshold received this exclusive invitation to shop for 50% off their next purchase.

If you don’t want to go quite as hard in the paint, you can offer a gift that makes sense with the items that are on sale. Are you selling fall/winter clothes, offer gloves, a beanie, or a winter-appropriate accessory. If you’re selling gym gear, throw in a gym bag on large orders.

The possibilities are endless, and there are no highly technical requirements to get a promotion like this up and running.

Take your time and produce creative email marketing campaigns that matter to your target audience.

Pro Tips:

  • Try to assemble together a discounted gift set catered to the preferences of your customers.
  • Include an exclusive discount code your customers can use for their next purchase.
  • Create urgency by emphasizing the time-limited nature of your gifts.


5. Last Chance Emails: Remind Your Customer That the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale is Almost Over

Once your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are nearing their end, you should give your subscribers one last chance to shop ‘til they drop. Consider it your gift to them—they will thank you for it. Marketers typically call this a reminder email. It is the last email you should send, and an integral part of a promotional email campaign.

Last Chance Holiday Email sample from Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray used email to remind its customers of the discount and generate last-minute sales. Remember the KISS rule when designing these types of emails.

If it’s a site-wide sale, the reminder doesn’t have to be a long product catalog or sales email. It is a quick reminder for people who are already interested in your products.


Here are our 4 Profitable Best Practices to Maximize Conversions and reap Holiday Profits in Q4!


1. Balance Your Use of Sales and Content Emails

Which email types should be focusing on this BFCM—sales or content? The answer is both! It is by knowing how to use them in a way that complements and supports each other can you fully utilize your email lists.

The benchmark for a well-balanced sales-to-content ratio in your eCommerce store’s email marketing strategy would be 70% sales and 30% content.

Why both and not just focus on one type of email? Sure, sales emails do all the selling, but it’s your content emails that present the value of what you’re selling to your customers. By value, we mean it does the heavy lifting to build that relationship with your tribe.

While your sales emails highlight your products and special offers, your content emails answer the “Why should I buy from this store and not others?” question of your customers.

To really maximize your conversion rates in the long term, you need to center around what value your brand and its products can offer to your customers. And we have a few awesome ideas below.

2. Leverage the Different Content Emails to Maximize customer Engagement

There are many ways to convince your customers to buy your products and let them know they made the right choice. Here are a couple of ideas you can use:

  • Trust Builders – These are great for adding more value to the products you’re trying to sell. Trust Builder content emails usually contain blog articles that talk about your products or more backstories on your brand and product manufacturing for building rapport with your customers. These are best used to engage with your customers before asking for a sale.
  • Social Proof – Highlight User-Generated Content (UGC) such as customer reviews on your products, testimonials, feedback, and even demo videos. This helps convince your customers that what they’re about to buy or have bought is proven to satisfy their needs and helps removes buyer’s remorse. You’re telling them, “hey, you made a great choice with us!”.
  • Educational Content – This is where you can share a more in-depth look into your products such as their usage and benefits. These are best for highlighting your bestselling products.
  • Offer-based Emails – These are where you give your direct discount sales, introduce new products through cross-selling, and starting your discount ladder.


3. Know the Anatomy of a Winning Email

A highly converting email is one that’s dressed to kill. Make sure your emails have all the right elements to perform their best during BFCM. Here’s a great guide to get you started:

The most important parts to take note of in this example is the Headline and Discount Offer. On the get-go, your customers will immediately know what value they’re getting when they click on your CTA.


4. Always AB Test to Know and Address Your Pain Points

You’ve heard this a thousand times before, but AB testing really is crucial if you want to generate better conversions, higher revenue, and encourage happier customers. It is from AB testing can you zone in on what’s causing you costly traffic acquisition and high site and cart abandonment—all of which are ways that leave money on the table.

After all, it is only through AB testing that can you optimize your emails right. By breaking down emails into these two major components, you’ll be able to make more data-driven decisions when optimizing your emails—especially for BFCM.

Open Rate – To improve your email open rates, test your subject lines, and preview texts. You can start with their lengths, how much they incite curiosity, and the use of emojis.

Click Rate – As for click rate, you’ll need to test your email content. This is where you can go back to the anatomy of a winning email. test your headline, hero images. Your Call-to-Actions (CTAs), featured products, colors, and more.

However, we understand if you’re a little tight on time, what with Q4 right at our doorstep. So to help you get a solid footing by the time Q4 and BFCM roll in, we want you to get your hands on our Ultimate Guide to Crush Record-Breaking Sales this BFCM 2020!

From in-depth case studies to tested and proven plug-and-play strategies—all of which you can integrate into your BFCM email game plan without a hitch.

It’s Not Too Late to Optimize Your Black Friday Cyber Monday Emails

Most eCommerce brands spend at least 5 months preparing for the holiday season—as a rule of thumb. Here are some incredibly strategic eCommerce email marketing campaigns to stand out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for more reinforcements to your BFCM email framework. As they say, the best time to start is now.

The Best of the Best eCommerce Email Marketing Holiday Strategies You can Learn From

UPDATED, 03 SEPT 2020 — Along with the holiday season comes the excitement of both customers and eCommerce entrepreneurs alike. With US eCommerce projected to soar up to 18% in light of the global pandemic in 2020, this year’s season is set to be even more crucial to plan and strategize email marketing strategies that make those holiday sales explode!

And what better way to maximize your potential holiday sales than by using email marketing? Its high-level engagement brings more than just decorations. Email marketing has the versatility and flexible personalization you need to capture the attention of your holiday buyers. But of course, only if done right.

So to help you with calibrating your email marketing strategies for the upcoming holiday season, here are the best of the best email marketing strategies you can get inspiration from.


Rebrand Your Emails to Fit the Holiday Theme

Email marketing is all about engaging your audience. Simply sending a sales email with the words “Halloween Sale” just isn’t going to cut it.

Even something as simple as adding a little bit of Christmas cheer to your brand logo is enough to show that you’re brand in a festive mood.

Like in the example email below from Sommer Ray, they added the traditional Christmas red to their email design and topped off their brand logo with an adorable Santa Hat.

Sommer Ray example email

Subject Line: Help Us Clear Our Shelves in One Night—10% Off in the Next 12 Hours

There’s plenty of Christmas infused in the subject line, which definitely helps in open rates and setting the stage for the email itself. The design is on point, It’s a fun and creative way to give your emails a fresh look while still staying recognizable to your customers.

They focus on the festive nature of Christmas all while catering to their target audience.


Build Hype for Holiday Sales by Email

During the most significant sales weekend of the year, it’s easy to get lost in the river of marketing emails that flood most people’s inboxes.

If you get in a week or two early, you can stand out and show potential customers deals they care about. Build anticipation for your Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. 

VIP Early Access Email from Sommer Ray

Subject Line: How about a VIP Black Friday preview?

This example from Sommer Ray is excellent because it also doubled as a SURPRISE VIP sale that arrived in their inboxes before the actual sales event.


Send Gift Catalog Emails

Many holidays focus on togetherness, sharing, and even gift-giving. When it is the season of giving gifts, make sure you showcase awesome and relevant products to your subscribers.

A simple gift catalog is the easiest way you can do this. It’s window shopping in email form, making it more convenient for your customers to do their holiday shopping.

Pro tip: Create multiple gift catalogs by category and send them to different segments of your customer list. 

gift catalog sample emailSubject Line: Zero-Waste for Better Taste!

It’s not a holiday email marketing campaign without your gift catalog emails! This is a great way to highlight your products in a sort of “Holiday Shopping List,” and for this case kitchen sets go well with the holiday dinner festivities. Notice how the focus is on creatively highlighting product images, and not too much on the copy. 

If you sell products in a similar category, like clothes, you should also focus on the visual aspect. Pull in your customers’ eyes! Just make sure you create a kick-ass, relevant subject line to go along with your email.


Incentivize Giving and Sharing During Thanksgiving/Christmas

Blame the holiday spirit, but probably, your customers aren’t just thinking about buying stuff for themselves. They are also thinking about their friends, families, and loved ones. 

Take advantage of this and promote a product or service that caters to these kinds of seasonal get-togethers.

However, do note that not everyone has the economic stability to be able to take care of everyone around them, and also themselves. Make it easy to give gifts by giving your email subscribers an incentive.

Gift Bundle sample email

Here’s another great example that can be used in tandem with the strategy earlier. Design a fun little gift bundle of affordable gifts your customers can get for their friends and family. Have your holiday email marketing strategies really bring home the idea of “gifts for yourself and your friends.”


Send Reminder Emails Before the End of Sale

As an eCommerce business, you have to remind your subscribers that the deadlines don’t line up with typical retail holiday sales. Sending emails is the easiest way to do this.

Make sure you let your subscribers know when the last day is. It’s the perfect email to convince someone to buy a last-minute gift. If they miss it, they will probably end up going to a competitor. You can make this strategy even more effective by implementing it in last-day discount promos.

Pro tip: Send segmented reminders based on customers’ browsing history during the sale. Did they visit a popular product page without purchasing? You can follow up on that, and let them know today’s the last chance to pick it up at that price.

Last Chance Holiday Email sample from Sommer Ray

Subject Line: End Your Year with a Fireworks Display of Discounted Items

Here’s another email from Sommer Ray is a great example of a simple, yet powerful reminder email. The subject line grabs your attention and communicates the message. The email suits the Q4 holiday season theme without forgetting the branding.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Since this email is a final reminder, there is no need to go overboard.


There are a lot of different “best” email marketing holiday strategies and tactics you can use to create a successful holiday marketing campaign. And you don’t have to settle for just one. Especially for this year’s BFCM, you’re definitely going to have to pull out all the stops to ensure maximum sales and tribe growth!

A gift catalog is more powerful when combined with something else, like a FOMO-inducing shopping deadline email. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment when designing your holiday emails, either. After all, sounding too corporate on Christmas isn’t going to do your brand any favors. 

If you want to make the most out of your existing email subscribers this holiday season, you can schedule a free 30-minute call with our email marketing experts.

Take Control of the Holidays with this Proven 6-Step Email Marketing Sequence

UPDATED, 03 SEPT 2020 — As the third quarter of 2020 draws to a close, it’s time to evaluate how your email marketing strategies have fared so far. Did they exceed your expectations? Or do you think you could have done something more? With the 4th quarter of the year coming up, you have one last chance to boost your revenue for this year. It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic affected businesses all over the world, and having a successful Q4 can turn it all around. Thankfully, the tail-end of each year is laden with eCommerce holidays, so you can make the most of your email marketing for the holidays.


Top eCommerce dates of Q4: December has 5 Major Dates!

Here’s why Q4 (October to December) is such a big deal for eCommerce stores: there are ten days to take advantage of—eleven if you count January 1 because it’s still very much part of the holiday season.

As Q4 comes closer, here’s a quick rundown of the important eCommerce dates. These are all opportunities for maximizing your sales that you shouldn’t ignore.

  • October 31: Halloween gives you so many angles and ideas to spice up your usual campaigns. 
  • November 11: Veterans Day is a great day to announce and start attracting attention for your other upcoming sales.
  • November 26: Thanksgiving is an opportunity to send out last Black Friday reminders. Recently, Grey Thursday has also been a thing, so this is something you may want to look into.
  • November 27: Black Friday is one of the largest eCommerce sales days and you won’t want to miss it! People are actually gearing up to shop—take advantage of this! With COVID-19 still being a huge factor in physical stores’ revenue decline, this just means that more people will be turning to eCommerce stores for their holiday shopping sprees.
  • November 30: Cyber Monday is the biggest eCommerce shopping day, generating $9.4 billion in sales last year. 
  • December 15: Free shipping day means ten days before Christmas, so treat your customers well as they wrap up their Christmas shopping. 
  • December 24: Christmas Eve is for last-minute shoppers, especially since a lot of physical stores are closed on this day.
  • December 26: Boxing Day is when customers usually use their gift cards so there’s another gateway of opportunity!
  • January 1: New Year! No better time for clearance sales!

The 6 Steps that will Maximize Your Email Marketing for the Holidays

In 2019, total online spending reached a record-breaking $ 142.5 billion, which was up 13.1% year on year. Additionally, Black Friday raked in $7.4 billion while Cyber Monday pulled in $9.4 billion in sales.

So why don’t you cut yourself a generous piece of that pie? Start integrating this proven 6-step email marketing sequence into your holiday marketing plans. Those results could be yours. 

Couple these six steps with proper segmentation and best sending practices, and you’ve got yourself some newsworthy numbers. By implementing this six-step strategy, we hit $831K total email revenue for our clients during the BFCM week of 2019.


This email sequence is composed of 6 steps of 6 emails that will help you secure your spot in your customers’ inboxes, minds, and hearts during the holiday season.


Step 1: Hype it up!

Build your momentum by using hype-builders. These are emails that act like teasers so you are able to build up the anticipation of your customers. Make them know you’re up to something huge! You can do this by creating opt-ins like holiday-themed pop-ups for example. This is for those who want to receive updates on upcoming BFCM discounts, Christmas sales, and other events. Why is this effective? It will help with customer segmentation and it will also increase your open rates since these are your customers who voluntarily signed up to receive updates. 

email marketing holiday example

Create flows specifically for them and set these up way before the holidays. Continue hyping, so when the events happen, you’ve got them hooked already.


Step 2: Know Your VIPs!

Who’s in and who’s out? It’s up to you to set the standards of what you would classify as a VIP.  Usually, some stores would base this on those who recently purchased, or those who have high overall spending.

Use the days leading up to the holidays to build your VIP List too. A VIP list is essentially a self opt-in list of very excited subscribers who will most likely purchase from you. So here’s what you can do. Create incentives when your subscribers “opt-in” to a special segment for early access and exclusive offers. 


Step 3: Do a priority launch

Give your VIPs the treat they deserve! There are two things to remember here. First, roll out your invitations to your VIP list even before you send out announcements to the rest of your list. Next, set up an early launch exclusive for VIPs. You can angle it like ‘Finish Your Christmas Shopping Before Everybody Else!”

What’s the advantage of holding a priority list launch? You get a headstart on BFCM, and they also get a headstart in their shopping. It’s a win-win!


Step 4: All hands on deck for your main launch!

This is what you’ve been gearing up for all along! If you’ve been focusing on email marketing this year and implemented best practices such as segmentation and AB Testing, you should already know by now what works best for your audience. This is the time to apply everything you’ve learned about what works best for your customers.


Consolidate the best of the best results of your AB Campaigns the past year and start doing more of them. You can also set up separate promos for your best sellers or for each category. Be creative while taking into account the results of your AB tests. One thing you have to remember—do NOT do any more AB Tests during this season. Reap the benefits of your past AB tests!


Step 5: Send social reminders

Did you know that 63% of customers are more likely to buy from a site if it has a lot of reviews and product ratings? Plus, customers tend to read an average of ten online reviews first before feeling secure enough to trust the store.

Sending social proof is a step you should never skip. Your email marketing for the holidays should include those reviews, stories, or even a refresher of your brand story. Use these to remind your customers that the sales period is ending. Basically, entice them, even more, to buy NOW.

social reminder example for email marketing for the holidays

Other social reminders you can send are customer testimonials, customer or usage numbers, awards, recognitions, product reviews, and press mentions if any. 


Step 6: Close your sales with a bang

Go out with virtual fireworks. On the last day of your sale, emphasize that it’s ending in a few hours. Play on urgency and timing, and how your customers should not wait any longer. Use your graphics and your content to make this message come across.

Here’s a bonus tip: hold a bounce-back sale! Why? People love second chances. Get more sales by giving your customers one last chance to buy from you? You can do this a day after your closing campaigns. Customers will love it, so it’s a win-win situation.

It’s how a beauty brand hit their BFCM 2019 record in 7 days using this 6-Step Holiday Sales strategy!

There you have it—six steps and six emails to maximize your holiday sales! Plan it out and implement with the best email marketing practices to get a holiday revenue you’ll never forget. 

Use this proven email sequence and watch the numbers go up on your open rates, click-throughs, and revenue. If you need help wrapping your brain around this strategy, let us know by booking a strategy call with us.

[INFOGRAPHIC] April Fools Campaigns – The Do’s and Don’ts

April Fools Email Marketing campaigns can be tricky. They have to have just the right balance between being professional and being funny. As with all holidays that eCommerce businesses ride on, there are some guidelines that marketers have to be aware of. These aren’t strict guidelines, but more of unwritten ethics when it comes to banking on holidays. 

This holiday is all about being fun and embracing creativity. So it’s really the perfect time to stand out. The truth is, April Fools campaigns that go viral can drive heavy traffic to your store effortlessly

What are the fringe benefits here? More traffic means more opportunities for you to translate it into sales. Aside from sales, email campaigns for April Fools day help to increase engagement and brand awareness. 

But before you go ahead and start searching your brains for wild ideas, keep in mind that there are some do’s and don’ts for your April Fools Campaigns. In order for your campaigns to be successful this period, they should be attention-grabbing, though not inappropriate or too crass.


Check out this infographic below and for more details, you can check out our blog on how to stand out during April Fools.

april fools campaigns infographic

Score on Valentine’s Day with this Gentleman’s Email Strategy Guide

Can you feel the love in the air? That’s right, cause Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day for others) is right around the corner! While it’s the time for couples to bond and singles to date, this is also a great opportunity for eCommerce marketers to help these lovebirds set the mood. How? By slashing prices off of some much-needed Valentine’s Day goodies. We’re talking about dating clothes, romantic gifts—the whole shebang. 

So, how can YOU best prepare your eCommerce brand’s email marketing content for Valentine’s season? Follow the 3 Ps Formula!  Interestingly, it’s like preparing for a date.

  1. Propose
  2. Prepare
  3. Present

Yes, these might sound like the steps to landing your first date, but these are also legit strategies! Check out this 3-step guide on crafting your Valentine’s Day email marketing content.


1. Propose your Valentine’s Day pitches to your customers

This is the phase when you can send emails setting up the whole Valentine’s mood to your email subscribers. Think of it as proposing your dinner plans to your would-be date. At this point, you are building hype in your customer base. Here’s an example for the kind of content you can send during this phase:


To-Do lists or Gift Guides to prepare for Valentines Day

valentine's day email

What we like about this sample is how it’s designed to raise awareness that Valentine’s Day is approaching. This is the sign that every love-struck customer has been waiting for. The sign for them to start preparing and planning for what they would want to get for their special someone.

This is where you can apply the first step of our 6-Step Email Marketing Sequence. Your campaign during this phase should focus on building hype among your email lists. Give them some sneak peaks on what your brand is planning for a Valentine’s Day sale.

Like in romance, you’ll need to take things slow. Expecting them to immediately say yes is a big turn off for them. Let’s apply that idea to your email marketing. Giving your customers a heads-up on what your eCommerce brand is preparing for Valentine’s Day eases them into the right mood.

If handled wrong, your customers may see your brand as just another marketer hopping onto the opportunist bandwagon. Expecting out-of-the-blue purchases from out-of-the-blue discounts is a big no-no. And like in our dating scenario above, it’s only a big turn off to your customers.


2. Prepare your customers for the upcoming deals

The next phase is preparation for the Valentine’s special sales. Tease (no, not like that) your customers with special product highlights. Give the lovebirds a hint on what your brand is planning for Valentine’s week. Here are some sample content ideas:


Valentine’s Day Special Products teaser emails


valentine's email example


This is where you throw in hints of what our eCommerce brand is planning on selling come Valentine’s Day. And just because it’s a teaser email, it doesn’t mean your customers can’t jump into your online store and shop immediately if they want to. Include a clear CTA at the bottom for your customers who can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to start shopping.


“For Couples” specials


gifts for couples email


The main target audiences you’ll focus on would of course be the lovebirds, the couples, the partners—what have you. Give them something special to give to each other. Gifts like matching accessories and couple clothing or discounts on gifts for him or for her.

Let’s go back to our dating metaphor. It’s a must to coordinate with venues so you can get the best tables and food, the best seats and views. Then, get your date excited by maybe throwing in some hints on your plans with them. Get them excited and continue building their hype for the big date night. 

You can apply the same to your email marketing efforts. Continue building the hype. Highlight your planned sales and special deals on your emails. Get your customers excited and prepared for what’s coming on Valentine’s week. If you do a great job at building excitement, you’re going to be raking in revenue!


3. Present your irresistible deals!

In this phase of your Valentine’s marketing efforts, send out your emails signalling the start of the Valentine’s sales. This is also a good time to reach out to your customers celebrating “Single Awareness Day” by showing them it’s their time to show themselves some love. Here are some content ideas:


Valentine’s Day Special Products and Sales launch

aldo valentines email example

By now you’ve noticed what all these emails have in common—the color pink or red. Why these colors in the first place? Pink is the universal color for love, while red can represent passion. Be sure to give your Valentine’s Day emails and products the pink and red treatment and work with that color psychology.


“For Singles” special offers

valentine's email example for singles

There’s nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day. This is the opportunity for your single customers to treat themselves!

Now this is a more non-traditional approach to celebrating Valentine’s Day. But there indeed is a market of individuals who feel happier flying solo and enjoying life by themselves. So why not show some love to that audience as well by giving them opportunities to treat themselves.

And finally, returning to our dating scenario, it’s DATE NIGHT! Bring your date to that planned dinner and movie. Talk, go sightseeing maybe, whatever floats your boat. But just like in a relationship, be always ready to listen!

And yes, to back to our dating scenario. The date finally comes to a close, but don’t leave them hanging after. Communicate and ask about the date. What about it was fun? What about it may have been dull and could use some improvements? Listening to that kind of feedback can help you on your next date night with your partner.

Also another parallel to marketing—encourage your customers to give feedback on your products. They can also be about the sale in general, and even how your brand approached the Valentine’s season. Being open to feedback encourages a healthier customer relationship. Additionally, it’s a great source of reviews you can highlight in future marketing campaigns, especially on next Valentine’s Day.


Our main takeaway? Just like dating, warming up to your customers should be done gently, not aggressively. Be mindful with the content you share, make sure they’re relevant to your segment lists. Be creative in showing how much you genuinely care about your customers by offering them something truly special during the day of love.

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